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On August 4 2019 our chinese friends from Shanxi/China arrived in Chemnitz. They stayed here for four weeks and like the Chongqing Business Group they did different seminars like “intercultural communication”, “business simulation game” and “European History”. And, of course, a lot of trips.

On the first day, the group had the instruction and a little city tour through the center of Chemnitz. On their second day they didnt start with a seminar but with our Sports Festival, so the students could start their experience with a lot of power.

In addition to all the seminars, the group had a lot of exiting trips. So they visited the Airport in Dresden, the BMW plant in Leipzig, the logistics center of Amazon, the central bank and a few museums. Also a lot of cities were visited. So the group got to know the cities Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar and even Berlin.

Students of the Shanxis Business Group during a wine tasting.
Having a taste of good wines at the wine factory in Meissen

We hope you enjoyed the time in Chemnitz and wish you all the best for the future.