International summer months

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Finally it became international again

The international groups arrived in the month of June and July. Besides Buzau/Romania, participants and teachers arrived from Sandanski/Bulgaria, KABA/Slovakia and Vsetin/Czech Republic.

The girls and boys from Buzau completed their two-week internship at our gastronomic partners – Monk, Feel Good, Chamber of Crafts, our own canteen. Furthermore, the participants worked at the Chemnitz Hairdressers‘ Guild. During the two weeks, they gained an immense amount of practical experience and cultural impressions of the region. It was a very exciting experience for all of us, especially because they were the first group „after“ Corona.

The group from Sandanki was divided into two smaller groups, so the business participants used the time to deal with marketing, correspondence and the business game. The students were so good that it was difficult for us to award a first place. The other smaller groups were teachers from different fields. They completed a one-week stay with us. We exchanged ideas about methodology, gave them an understanding of the dual education system and took a look at what was going on in the classroom.

Kaba was also a group that stayed with us to complete the simulation. The group was very interested and showed talent in implementing the simulation game. They were also culturally open. They especially liked the old town of Leipzig and of course an extensive shopping tour was not to be missed. The whole thing was crowned by a home-cooked Slovakian meal.

Vsetin was the last to arrive. The car guys are currently completing their practical lessons in our own car workshop. Besides screwing, oiling and assembling, fault diagnostics also play a role. Furthermore, the participants took their forklift licence at our partner driving school Hanske. All 10 boys passed at the first attempt. The group will stay with us until 13/08/2021. In addition to an excursion to the August Horch Museum in Zwickau, a graduation ceremony with the presentation of the certificate and a visit to the Rabenstein Zoo are planned.

Basically, a nice summer with personal, intercultural and cultural exchange.