Girls from Budapest meet the nursery school

International Education Projects

On October 12, 2019 five students from the school Meta Don Bosco Budapest/Hungary arrived in Chemnitz. The girls stayed here for three weeks and were doing an internship in the nursery school of the F+U.

Special Challenge for the girls: It was holiday season and all the kids from class 1 to 4 have been there. But it was easy for the girls to become friends with the kids fast. In this time, the girls were colouring cloth bags and crafted lanterns with the kids. They even had an „Autumn-Bakery“. But they were doing some sports as well, for example soccer.

The girls were playing a lot with the kids, but also helped with homework and were celebrating halloween with the kids. The trips to the vehicle museum, toys museum and to the cinema were super exciting. It was really helpful for the nursery school to have the girls helping them.

We wish the girls the best for the future and a lot of good new experience with the kids.