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Welcome to the F+U International CareerCenter Saxony


Saxony - home of Germany´s best teachers and students

The F+U International CareerCentre Saxony (ICS) is committed to high standards in human resources development. To open new perspectives to employees and to provide employers with highly qualified personnel, ICS conducts programmes in Germany and abroad combining training targets with the opportunity to travel, to communicate with specialists of other nations and to enjoy the sights of a foreign country.

Saxony is a Federal State located in the south east of Germany. Sixth largest in population and tenth largest in territory Saxony provides everything that is worth studying and visiting in Germany:

  • Industry in Chemnitz, a birthplace of Germanys automotive industry,
  • Culture in Dresden, the UNESCO listed residence of the Saxon Kings,
  • Trade in Leipzig, the traditional crossroad of European trade,
  • Science and Research at 35 Universities and Technical Colleges all over the state,
  • A wonderful countryside with mountains, seas, forests and endless castles and museums.

Furthermore - within the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), conducted every three years since 2000, Saxony´s schools have always reached excellent ratings and won the German contest in 2009.


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